I may not be right all the time, but I have a pretty good batting average.

That’s the theme of today’s show while I answer all the questions you’ve asked recently. It’s a jammed packed episode, filled with all sorts of content, and I think you will find out some interesting things about me and my point of view on just about every creative subject.

Some of the things we talk about this episode include:

  • How to find the secret to success on Etsy
  • Do you need to be a part of teams and treasuries to make it
  • How to scale a handmade business with one of a kind items
  • Should I ditch my Facebook page
  • Which online advertising programs do I use.
  • What are the pros and cons of switching out domain names for a brand
  • What is my greatest fear in regards to my purpose
  • When is it time to close up shop and give up on a creative pursuit
  • Should I outsource my marketing and fulfillment
  • How to get started with illustration licensing
  • Should you blog, and how much should you share
  • How to drive people from social media to your shop/site
  • How do I combat resistance when it pops up
  • and most importantly…Why do I use a cone filter for my coffee

As you can see, it’s chock full of great topics and I promise, I do not skimp on my answers. This episode went a little bit long, but I wanted to make sure I got all of them in there, and I think you’ll dig what goes down. I could write a book with all this stuff.

Hey, there’s an idea!

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