We’re trying something new this time around, and it may seem a bit repetitive, but I’m playing around with the show notes for the podcast. You see, with every podcast published through WordPress, you need a plugin that allows you to embed the audio file into the post. When I first started, I was using one plugin, but was getting some very buggy response, so I switched.

The new plugin works great except for one small detail change—the posts never made it into my regular RSS feed, so anyone who subscribed to the blog via RSS never got the updates of what was happening on the podcast. Some of you may not even know that I have a podcast, but I do, and it is great (at least I think so).

Now, with 70+ episodes in the archive, it would be a real pain to try and switch the plugin again, and repost all that content. It would also have the added effect of sending out all those posts again to my RSS readers, which might be a bit of a shock, especially if you subscribe via email. What’s a guy to do?

Make a work around, that’s what.

So, here I am creating a separate blog post that corresponds with the associate podcast post, and now the RSS readers get to check out the show if they haven’t already. All of that is a long winded answer to tell you that the format is changing a bit here, for visual effect and subscriber retention. I hope to make this as pain free as possible, but you’re welcome to call me out. I promise I won’t have diatribes at the beginning of all my podcast posts in the future.

Without any further adieu… today’s show:

Grace Bonney is the founder of DesignSponge.com and the author of the book Design Sponge at Home. She’s been blogging about interior design, remodeling, refurbishing, arts and crafts, and food among other things. I have been a fan of Grace and Design Sponge for awhile, and it’s been a dream to get her over for an interview. Luckily she said yes without blinking.

Links from the show:

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