Today on the show, I’m bringing on an uncommon personality because Kari Brizius is not a creative in the traditional sense. She definitely has a creative sense, but even she will tell you that she’s not a traditionally creative person. That said, the business that she’s building with her mother is doing some truly creative things.

One side of most don’t know about me is that I lean a bit toward the green side. I’m not living off the grid, but I do have a lot of CFL lights in my home, and I recycle just about everything I can. So, when Kari told me about the work she does, I was immediately intrigued.

Relan has a unique business model because they don’t sell anything direct to consumers. They’re a B2B business that takes vinyl materials from companies that do billboard and banner advertising, makes products out of that vinyl, and then sells the products back to the original company. The companies then use those items as promos, trade show giveaways, or sell them in their own shops. The point of it the business model is to make businesses accountable for their waste, and do something with it other than put it into a landfill.

As I said, this is an unusual conversation for the Fresh Rag Show, but I believe Relan’s business model is so compelling, I had to share with you all, and I’m sure you will find some value in the story Kari shares with all of us.

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