This episode is From the Vault, which is to say, it’s an archive episode, but one so good, it deserves a second play.

Not only was my conversation with Andreea Ayers one of the most popular episodes to date, but it was also one of the most surprising. Andreea is one of the few guests who came to me looking to be on the show, which is normally something I shy from, because I have no reference to how the show might go. I’m a bit of a control freak in that I like to know as much about the guest as possible, and hopefully have had some interaction with them before I send out an invite. Having people come to me, wanting to be on the show—well, that takes all the control away and it makes Dave anxious and itchy.

Regardless of my own psychosis, Andreea came to the table with a bounty of useful info about selling goods online, and shared some interesting battle stories that have made her into the success that she is today. And, yes, I did just refer to myself in 3rd person, so what?

In this chat, we talk about:

  • Building successful businesses from the ground up
  • Selling a thriving business when it’s at it’s peak
  • Starting fresh with new projects
  • Knowing when to put something on the shelf and focus on your purpose

I really enjoyed my time with Andreea, and if you missed this conversation the first time, I promise, it will not disappoint.

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