I’m not going to lie to you, folks. I’m on fire today,

and somebody may get burned, but it won’t be Danielle Spurge, or lovely guest on today’s the show.

Danielle and I met through a mutual friend on Twitter, and subsequently through B-School, and even though I am not the kind to drift toward thread arts, I found her attitude refreshing. I asked her to come here and tell her story about being a maker, and how that’s changed her life. We tackle all sorts of topics, but the overarching theme is, “Stay Hungry.”

Things Danielle and I discuss:

  • The new Etsy landscape
  • What social media platforms work for which tasks
  • Does Facebook still matter?
  • How much does personality play in her business
  • Being a military wife
  • And, reaching out into new media waters

It’s a fun conversation, and one you will enjoy. Just know that after the chat, I pretty much eviscerate a whole legion of people about their attitudes toward Etsy and certain sellers online, specifically Three Bird Nest.

Yes, this conversation was a long time coming, and I do not hold back even for a second, because some of you need a straight scolding over the limiting beliefs you hold toward other sellers. It’s a hot conversation, but I promise you, it comes from a place of love and respect. I think you’ll walk away pretty much unscathed.

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