It’s easy for me to talk about putting yourself out there for the world to see, because I’m usually comfortable doing just such a thing. I won’t go far as to say that I’m a hardcore extrovert, but I definitely have my extro-moments. There are times when I lean more to the reclusive side of things, usually out of a need to just do something other than be around people, but those times are few and far between. I’d almost always be around people that inspire me than sit at home. However, I know not everyone is like me. I know that a large majority of creative people are not like me, and I think about that fact often when I talk about how to get the work done.

Today, our #7 in the Top Ten is a conversation I had with my friend Kaarin Vembar of Closet Caucus and the one-half of the successful Pop Fashion Podcast, and we got into a deep conversation about what it’s like to be an introvert in business. When you hear Kaarin’s energy, it’s hard to imagine her an introvert, but she is self-professed reclusionist as well (I’m pretty sure I just made up that word).

I really enjoyed this conversation, and it lent a new perspective on the world that I have chosen to work in. Whether you’re an extro or intro, I’m sure you’ll find either solace or understanding in this conversation with Kaarin.