Sometimes in life, we need to challenge the status quo. Sometimes the thing we feel like is the most important aspect in our life ends up being the biggest crutch. Sometimes the things we trust end up betraying us. Sometimes we just need to see what the rest of the world has to offer us.

These are the thoughts that Erika Riegelman must have had going through her mind when she decided to venture out on her own and challenge Etsy’s dominance in the handmade world. Her and her family started a few years ago, and they are trying to set themselves apart from the “handmade” giant by offering really, true to form, handmade goods brought to you buy artisans right here in the Unites States.

In this conversation, I talk with Erica about her point of view on the handmade industry, and what was the motivation for her to step into the world of online startups.