Although the host is on vacation, the show still soldiers on, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be dropping the Top Ten most popular episodes of The Fresh Rag Show ever. Although there were a couple episodes that were quite popular during the stage that this show was called the Creative Business Podcast, I decided to keep the list to anything within the new show only.

So, why would I do this? Why would I make a Top Ten list during such a strange time of year?

  1. Even though I’m on vacation, I hate leaving you all with nothing to listen to, so why not break out the archive of some of the best conversations for you to enjoy while I’m away.
  2. In the month of August, I’ll be reinventing, and it will spark a new generation of shows, as well as other cool things to come.
  3. When I do relaunch, I will have a Patreon account in full force, and as part of that, supporters of the show will get access to the archive, but the rest of the world will only have a limited amount of shows to playback. Daddy’s gotta make a dollar, so if you enjoy listening to shows from the archive, you’ll want to become a member of the club [coming soon].

Now, onto today’s episode, and this one is one of my favorite conversations ever. #10 on our Top Ten list is Katrina Luong of The Yellow Loft, a design agency that specializes in packaging and branding. Katrina came on the show to talk to us about her work, and how she’s learned that something as simple as a box can tell just as much of a story about your brand as anything else. For those of you selling physical products, this will be your jam.