Not all that we do revolves around the actual doing of creative things. I’ve been playing music on the show for quite awhile now, and I started because I always enjoy sharing good music with people. I figured I could help expose folks to some new bands and music they might never get a chance to hear.

Ever since I started playing music, I’ve gotten at least one email a week from a different listeners telling me how much they appreciate the tunes I share. Also, music is a big part of my creative spirit—I can’t work without it.

This week being a holiday week, and we’re all trying to keep from gorging ourselves on turkey and treats, or we’re avoiding family while we watch an endless cycle of football games on TV, maybe you’ll take some time to listen to this playlist. Maybe it will keep you company on the long ride to Grandma’s house, or it’s in your ears as you’re camped out in front of Best Buy on Black Friday. Maybe it’s just going to help you stay focused while you work on more products.

Whatever your activity, I hope you enjoy this first Fresh Rag Show Mixtape.

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