Sometimes people come into your life through a combination of circumstances that you couldn’t have predicted if you wanted, and if you repeated those steps, probably wouldn’t happen the same way again, but yet here you are.

I met former Today Show correspondent, Diana Alvear through the Instigator Experience a few weeks back, and although our relationship started out as me hollering at her to take her seat, over the course of that weekend, I grew really fond of her vibe, style, and approach to asking the questions other people couldn’t or wouldn’t ask.

Jump ahead a bit, and I heard her again on the Unmistakable Creative, putting Srini Rao on the other side of the mic. She interviewed him about the event and what it meant to him as a person and a businessman. I’ve never heard anyone pull out information from someone like Diana did with Srini. In that moment, I knew I had to invite her on here to talk about her former life as a TV reporter, her transition into consultation, and how it is that she can pull out information from people that otherwise would be locked away.

Even I had quite a few aha moments during this conversation, so I encourage you to check it out and see what kinds of secrets she can help you expose about yourself. It’ll be a fun ride, I promise.

“You hold the keys to free others from their own prisons.” [Tweet it]

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