Many of us entrepreneurs have this dream of living a lifestyle that allows us to go where we want, travel to an fro, making tracks in any direction that we deem necessary, but very few of us seem to make the jump. We have ‘responsibilities’ like families, bills, a business that’s rooted, and the idea of picking up stakes to head off into the next green pasture seems like a near impossibility.

Lord knows I’ve wanted to travel more, spend more time abroad, and see wonders that I will never find her in the States, but then reality sets in and we always find reasons why we can’t; I find reasons why I can’t, but there are other options.

Today I brought on Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur to talk about such problems because she is living the life she wants, and it’s not just because she gets to travel wherever her whims might take her. In fact, she does have dreams of settling down a little bit, but don’t tell all her reader’s that. In fact, what she state on her blog, her videos, her podcast, and all her numerous products is that freedom and happiness are the goals behind her actions, and sometimes staying planted, but having wealth in other areas can be the reward.

Things we discuss in this episode with Natalie Sisson

  • Why is the word entrepreneur so hard to say and spell?
  • What is her compulsion with chasing outrageous challenges?
  • What’s important to remember for wayward travelers who also runs businesses?
  • How can a business owner who makes products turn their life into a suitcase carrying dream?

Natalie may not have the answers to all of life’s problems, but she certainly has figured out some of the biggest issues, and it all starts with a pursuit of something greater than herself. Sure, travel is fun, adventure is awesome, but helping others find their happiness and freedom is what makes her thrive. Come hang out and see what I’m talking about.

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