Back when I first started podcasting, I had a long list of people I wanted to interview as my “Top 25” people to be on the show. I have since had many of those people on the show, and it all kicked off with one man: Srinivas Rao.

Srini’s show, The Unmistakable Creative (formerly BlogcastFM) was one of the most informative and beneficial podcasts I was listening to at the time, and Srini was at the top of my list of people to get onto my own show. When I finally decided to host my first interview, I went straight to the top of my list and asked Srini to be on. To my surprise, he said yes without flinching. That moment started the history of this show, and I’m proud to replay this archive episode.

This episode took place back when the show was still called the Creative Business Podcast, and my audio quality back then was not the best, but the content of this episode deserves to be heard again, because Srini drops some serious knowledge on his experience. Check it out.

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