EM_Headshot_CroppedAnother conversation that is long overdue, but finally made it’s way to you is this chat I had with artist/illustrator/business genius, Emily McDowell. Many of you know that I had my heart broken into a million pieces last year because I had an epic conversation with Emily that failed to record, and got lost to the wind. Not only was I deeply embarrassed to have that happen with her, but I was saddened because it was an amazing conversation that I wish I could have shared.

Fear not though—Emily came to our rescue and sat down with me again to chat. Now this conversation isn’t the same conversation as the previous, but I believe this one is just as epic, if not more so. Emily drops some serious insight into your lap, and will motivate you to take your business to the next level. She’ll also do so with extreme empathy.

If the 33-minute mark doesn’t strike a chord with some people, I’ll be surprised. Enjoy!

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