Discarded Books Become Killer Upcycled Style at MandaLanda

MandaLanda is a brother/sister team based out of Anaheim, CA doing some really interesting work with old books. They are one of the few cool paper artists I found at the Patchwork show this weekend, and the work caught me by surprise. Without hesitation, I introduced myself to Raymond, who openly admitted to being the workhorse to Amanda’s creative ingenuity.

Whatever the creative dynamic these two share, it’s working because the products are cool and unique. Of course I’m not int he market for handbags and earrings, but I appreciate the craftsmanship and design aesthetic. Surprisingly, they don’t have nearly as much product on their Etsy page as they did during the show, but maybe they’re holding their cards close until show season is over.

Mandalanda on Etsy

mandalanda on etsy

Mandalanda on Etsy

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