Sometime last week, I was on my nightly constitution through the posts of Maskkulture when I came across the work of Alec Goss. I can’t say for sure, because I’m no head shrink, but I’m guessing Goss has some sort of mild psychosis. Thankfully, it manifests itself in some seriously cool collage art pieces.

Goss is also a bit of an anomaly. I tried to dig a little deeper to find more info on him, but he seems fairly reclusive, or at the very least, not plastered all over the internets like some artists. Hopefully we can help change that, because his work deserves a little more attention, don’t you think? There do seem to be a few blog postings on his Society6 shop, so we might be able to glean a little more info that way. More research is needed, I believe.

Greek by Alec Goss on Society 6

The Monster by Alec Goss on Society 6

Alec Goss Sketchbook Experiment

What is This Obsession With Freedom by Alec Goss