City Prints Map Art on Fab

I normally don’t post on Sundays, but because of the timeliness of this post, I figured I’d break my own rules for you folks.

You know me, I dig my maps. Mix that with a little alma mater spirit, and it’s a recipe for sales. City Prints Map Art is being featured on with a myriad of art pieces showcasing dozens of different college towns. If yours is on the list, get on it while it’s hot. This deal is done in a few days. You’ll still be able to buy directly from City Prints off their website, but for a bit more than this Fab deal. Don’t miss out.



UCLA - City Prints Map Art on Fab


Texas A&M - City Prints Map Art on Fab

Texas A&M

UT Austin - City Prints Map Art on Fab



You can find more maps and cartography work here on Fresh Rag.

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  • Katie

    This is so cool. These would look awesome in a loft. :)

    • Dave

      My thoughts exactly, Katie… except I was thinking dorm room for students, but still, awesome.

  • Angela

    Just got a chance to look at the new site! Great work!!! Congrats! These maps are sick! Love them!!!!

    • Dave

      Thanks Angela, tell your friends!