Fresh Rag's Unique Paper Post SeriesIf there is any artist that I could say I am a collector, it would be Kevin Tong. The only person I have more art from is myself. The 3 pieces below are all part of my collection and I have every intention of getting my hands on more during this next Unique LA event. Kevin is a mainstay at Unique, as well as many other shows—there’s no escaping his work, but then why would you want to do that?

Aside from his noticeable illustration skill, his conceptual thinking on pieces blows my mind. Most of his prints are large, poster-size pieces—I have no idea where I’m going to put them in my house, but I’d sooner buy a bigger house than stop buying prints because only I didn’t have room. Check out his site,, and tell me if I should stop.

Are you a Kevin Tong collector? If not, whose work do you collect? Let us all know in the comments below.

Rant - Chuck Palahniuk by Kevin Tong

Isteamphone - Kevin Tong

The Aquabats - Kevin Tong

Kevin’s work is part of our Unique Paper series, of which there are many.