Print For Life Sneak Peek


I'm currently busting out pages on the first edition of a beloved PFL zine (Print for Life) a publication dedicated to finding the art in anything and showcasing lots of cool stuff surrounding a particular theme. Issue one has a theme, that' I'm not willing to discuss just yet because I need to make sure I get all the stories completed before I totally commit. That said, so far, I think the book is coming along nicely. I'd like to share some bits with you. Not sure how often I'll publish PFL yet, but let's start with twice a year and go from there. I might be a bit ambitious, but I'm working on 48 pages of unified content with 7 feature stories and then some departments. You may have seen this yesterday, but here's an editorial map of what I have planned, but this is up to interpretation as the project moves along. Are you working on your magazine project yet? If so, let's see an update. You can follow the whole process of making a magazine HERE. … [Read more...]

B Magazine Has Me on a Fence

So, has this really neat looking magazine on sale right now tomorrow called <B>, which stands for Brand and Balance. Each issue of <B> takes an exclusive look at one particular consumer brand, page after page, showcasing what makes the company so unique and worthy of having an entire magazine written about them. <B> aspires to be a messenger that introduces its readers to well-balanced brands unearthed from around the globe. JOH & Company, with its own perspective, carefully chooses one brand at a time to feature in each issue. With sincerity in attitude, <B> aims to deliver easy-to-read contents for any readers interested in brand marketing and management, as well as brand managers. Based on the many videos and numerous photos I've seen, the magazine looks VERY tasty. The only problem, at least for me among other English speakers, is the entire magazine is written in Korean hanja (yeah, that's redundant—go with it). I've bought foreign magazines … [Read more...]

Maker Magazine Makes Me Want to Make Things

The new Maker Magazine is making quite a statement when they say they are, "shedding light on the creative mind and spirit, articulating the often unexplored, more personal projects and perspectives of contemporary artists", as if that's never been done before. I reckon it just hasn't been done in this publishers circle of influence, but that really doesn't matter because the the efforts manifested into a tasty fruit of art goodness in print form. Also, being a new magazine, they're looking for submissions if you're in the contributing mood. Have a glimpse through this video to see if your work fits their niche and then go flood their inbox. "We encourage contributors to utilize pages as a blank canvas examining the creators as a work of art themselves—peeking past the curtain to explore the enigmatic mind and the innovation behind it. We invite art-makers, taste-makers, image-makers, music- makers, and love-makers, both emerging and established, to connect with like-minded … [Read more...]

5 Zines to Enrich Your Life and Impress Your Friends

While doing a little research for this magazine project, I found quite a few cool 'zines being sold on Etsy. There are tons to be seen, but here are five that I found most interesting. Nudiezine by Tsurufoto (mature) Obviously this will be objectionable content to some, but based on what I see on the shop, the imagery is adult, but tastefully done. Long before the days of Playboy, publishers were pushing their "smut" in formats just like this. I doubt Tsuru wants to be the next Larry Flynt, but he's got an eye for capturing photos of ladies in an interesting way. … [Read more...]

Got Stacked in the Mail

A few weeks back, I subscribed to the most unique magazine subscription service, Stack Magazines. I wrote about Stack briefly, calling it the "best idea in magazines since, well, magazines", and I hold true to that, especially now, since I just received my first installment of the subscription. I expected to get a random, new, independently published magazine. I didn't expect the other bonus news rags I got with it. The magazine is Makeshift, a "journal of hidden creativity" in the same vein of other magazines like GOOD and Monocle (another favorite), both in content and design. The first rag is a dummy issue of Day Job, which is a fledgling "publication for anyone who have ever had a job they loved, a job they hated a life-long calling or  way to make an easy buck". Apparently, the magazine had a very successful Kickstarter campaign and this dummy issue was part of the reward for some of the backers. I'm not sure the content is really something I would read on a regular basis, but I … [Read more...]

Because Life is Better at Graffiti Beach

... Speaking of independent magazines, a couple weeks back, I ran into Brandia Mata, an artist and designer who was selling her work at the Patchwork show in Santa Ana. I really like her work and was eager to share it, but when I brought up what Fresh Rag was about, she immediately told me that she was in the middle of a big magazine project. Eager to hear more, but needing to continue on with the show, I told her to hit me up as soon as the magazine launched. Well, it launched yesterday. I present to you, Graffiti Beach, a fashion, art and design magazine centered around a coastal attitude.   The design is mixed between moments of simplicity and complexity, but I think it all translates very well. Also, the photography is stellar throughout. Since I'm not much into women's fashions, I haven't really perused the copy that much yet, but I'm sure it's equally as nice. Graffiti Beach also has an online shop where you can buy cool stuff featured in the magazine. Head on over … [Read more...]