Please Excuse Our Mess

I have been messing around with how the Creative Business Podcast is fed and delivered to you all, and it's going to create some overlap, and maybe a little bit of chaos. I apologize in advance, but it's a necessary evil I need to get through in order to make the show even cooler. Thanks for hanging tough with me. … [Read more...]

Fanmail is Bad Ass!

I promise I will not become one of those attention-whore types who share ever single email they get that gives them props for their work, but once in awhile it's good to share the kind words of others because they're just that cool. I got a letter today from a guy named Gabe Wells who is also a podcast producer. He was very generous with his words, and I felt it only fair to share them, give him a shout out, and some linkage as well. I just listened to episode #6 Using Social Media and I wanted to tell you that I like what you are doing. I produce a small art podcast as well called The Saturated Life, so I know that getting feedback is pretty awesome. There are a few other art podcasts out there that I like, and you are now added to my iTunes subscription list. You have a really good persona of positive energy when you talk. It sounds like you have radio experience or a good amount of public speaking experience. I realized how difficult that is once I started doing my own podcast. I … [Read more...]

Google Reader is Dead – One Last Reminder

Ok folks, the end is near, and on July 1st, 2013, it's likely many RSS feeds are going to die a slow painful death when Google shuts down Reader, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer and lose out on all your precious subscriptions. There are a couple ways to combat this loss, and I'm going to break it down for you right now. Switch RSS Readers Google isn't the only game in town, and a couple other RSS players have stepped up to take the reins. Personally, I'm using Feedly as my new RSS reader. Other people are using Bloglovin. There are others, but these are the two prominent RSS readers I've seen people switching to because they offer a seamless transition from Google Reader. Subscribe Via Email I have two ways you can go about this. You can subscribe via email and each post will miraculously be sent directly to your inbox. You can do that Right Here. Another way to go about this is to subscribe to the Fresh Rag Newsletter and I will send you updates every few weeks about all the … [Read more...]

I am a Content Creationist, Are You?


It's 4am on a Sunday morning. I'm sitting on my sofa, laptop at the ready, and as I look up, I see the many canvases I've painted and now display on my own wall. It's been awhile since I put paint to canvas, got away from it to focus on other things, and although I'm not compelled to jump into that form of art at the moment, it does make me think about the work I'm doing right now. Like many of you, I am an artist. Graphic communication has been my bread and butter for nearly two decades, but I dabble in many forms of artistic expression (macrame withholding). However, aside from a little Photoshop work here and there, I haven't really expressed myself visually on Fresh Rag, at least not to the extent I am capable. This needs to change. I love to write, whether its blog posts, or ebooks, or random bits of prose and poetry (not really) that will likely never see the light of day; putting fingers to the keyboard in a creative way makes me happy. I'm talking about writing, people, get … [Read more...]

Construction Zone! Wear Your Hard Hat

Folks, I'll be testing out a new theme here this weekend, so if you happen to be on the site and things look a bit wonky, you'll know why. I'll talk more about the details later, but basically Thesis Theme sucks now, it's impossible for a neophyte like me to use correctly, and the Genesis framework is much to simple to avoid anymore. Please ignore the dust, it's only temporary. Soon the site will be even more awesome. … [Read more...]

I’m Getting All Up in Your Grill

Remember this day, for it will be yours for all time! I've talked about my intention to offer my media and marketing know-how to artists, designers and other creative entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, but I hadn't officially launched that service. That changes today. Actually, it changed yesterday, but you get the point. So now I am 100% available for you and your business. What exactly does that mean? How about we call it coaching and consulting for anyone that feels stuck in their business and have no idea how to get past the stuckiness. Yeah, I just made up a word, so what? I'm a business owner now, I can do that shit! See how that works? You have a business, and you make your rules, but forces around you are telling you that you can't change the way things have been done. You can't be successful because others are already in that success space and there's not enough room. That's a load of crap, and I'm here to offer you a shovel and pail. What … [Read more...]