Today’s chat is a little different. Instead of bringing you a seasoned veteran to show you how they made their millions (or thousands), I was challenged to bring on more people who are just making their way in the game. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I invited Ben Howes of Howes Design Co. to come on the show and share his story.

Ben has been doing design for awhile, but only recently started working full time in his own design agency. He did what most of us doing at first, working a day gig until he could make enough income to keep himself a float with his own business, but then jumped ship from the day job a little early because the perfect time to jump never comes. Now he’s doing his best to create a branding agency from scratch, building up clientele, and hoping to make a big impact in his creative career.

Today’s chat is a lot about Ben telling his story mixed with me lending some insight and mentorship. Ben has a good vision for him and his business, but we could all use some guiding light once in awhile. I’m sure he’ll make good with it all, and if this goes well, you’ll be seeing his name in the design annuals soon.

As a footnote to this, I am considering doing this type of show more often, where we talk to people who are just starting out and making a go of a new thing. Not all journeys are made by the rock stars in our industry, and I think it’s interesting to hear from the people who are just starting off to see if we can help get them further ahead with a short conversation.

Let me know what you think of this idea, and perhaps we’ll make it a regular feature.

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