It’s that time again—the monthly questions and answers episode is here, and I got some doozies this time around. We talk about a whole myriad of things, from marketing and branding, to what kind of car do I imagine myself to be. The answers to all the questions below might surprise you… or maybe not. Either way, I hope you enjoy them, and learn some new things.

Sienne Josselin

Where do you find your inspiration?


How do you rally after a failure?


What would you say was the first move you made in your business that worked really well towards your success?


Your budget is $100 every 3 months for advertising. Where would you spend it?


How do you know if you need a rebranding/overhaul? I’m a little stuck trying to figure out if all the various platforms I use.. IG, FB page, website, Etsy page, etc… are just not cohesive enough and need some change. Curious too as to what triggered your decision to overhaul your I.G. feed?


Recommended resources for makers who jump to wholesale? Recommended books, blogs, more podcasts, etc?


You like your transportation metaphors Dave, so as a creative entrepreneur what mode of transport are you and why?

Ge Sa

I’m a German blogger, whose reader are creatives and nature-lovers like me. I’m just now starting the endeavor of selling my art, and am not sure how to combine that with my blog. (Since my blog-readers may like my paintings and illustration but are not my customer per se) Example: Just moved to a self-hosted site this week and started and mailing-list (finally). But should this mailing-list be more like “news from my shop” or aimed at my blog-readers? What to do, if your blog readers aren’t your customer?


Do you think sponsoring podcasts (ones your customers listen to) would provide better value than Facebook or twitter ads?


I recently started painting. What I started as just a little “Canvas Therapy” has now grabbed the attention of others and I have received many inquiries about purchasing my artwork. Which is great, but I have no idea how to price the paintings.


I’ve recently started a project called 10xJOY which is inspired by Elise Joy’s Make29 project. Here’s the gist. Every month I’m going to create one new product and I will create 10 items of that product as a limited edition (think prints, sewn items, jewelry, holiday art). I’m going to do this for the remaining 10 months of the year and at the end of the year I will donate 10% to charity.

I’m curious if you have some ideas about how to spread the word about this project. I’m sending info to my mailing list and posting about it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…the usual…but I’ve never been wildly successful with my marketing. Any new ideas would be much appreciated!


I am struggling to get views and sales on my Etsy site. I believe I have a beautiful product, but it’s not getting seen. I’ve been posting on Pinterest and have had pins but only have 7 sales.


Now to the main point of me not really being sure if I chose the right name even tho “all out” is not just my ethos, it is me. I am only 25 but I have been through my fair share of life altering trauma and it only fuels my passions more. I feel as if I would have focused more one my own name and made my project more identifiable with the maker I would have attracted more attention with my story and relentlessness.

I just have this feeling I am meant to create quality unique designs with canvas and leather. I just see some [other] kids doing so much better with followers, orders, and capital. My main issue isn’t my envy as much as it is my sureness in my ability to achieve my dreams.

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