Ok, so this place is a bit of a shit show right now. The theme I use had a major security flaw, and when I updated to the more secure version, it removed a lot of my customization. If you happen upon this site during this problem, I apologize for looking half-dressed. Fixing the problems […]

The Other Side of the Coin

I had something happen to me last week that really turned me for a loop. Actually, it didn’t happen to me, but to a friend, by another friend, and by connection only, I was affected. That incident started a chain reaction of thoughts and feelings that brought my whole creative world full circle. My friend, […]

The Ubiquity of the Free Download

I have a guilty pleasure. It’s called Death to Stock, and if you’re not familiar with DtS, it’s basically a series of free photos in your inbox every month. Instead of them being your typical stock imagery, though, they are thoughtful photos taken in uncharacteristic places, to convey a mood or sentiment without being cliché…except, […]