Being a Southern California native, I’m not too familiar with white winters. I’ve never spent the night through a snow flurry but once in my life, and that was in Texas (go figure). The visuals of people enjoying themselves in a snowy wonderland only happen in greeting cards and the occasional trip to some mountain resort for a day of snowboarding.

I wouldn’t say that winter is lost on me, but pretty close. I will always take a warm, sunny day over a cold one, and I really don’t have any inclination to shovel driveways, but there are moments when I wish I could spend some time in a real winter holiday. My friend Franchesca is ┬ádoing some work in Aspen this week and she’s been updating her Instagram with pictures like this, taunting us all (one way or another). Who wouldn’t want to be a third party in this picture? It would be hard to have a bad winter, don’t you think?

Franchesca and Kirsty - Diamond Dozen Models

On the art tip, 20×200 dropped another piece of wintering goodness for which I am inclined to partake. This says winter to me and I would be perfectly ok with posting this piece up during the holidays and dreaming of being in the scene instead of actually having to go there. It’s worth a shot, right?

20x200 - artist fund - ski lodge

For more from Franchesca, Kirsty and their friends, check out The Diamond Dozen, but be forewarned: bikinis are the apparel of choice there.