The best thing about today’s conversation is the colorful shapes it takes on, and I’m not just talking about the rainbows in Lisa Solomon’s work. No, this is all about shooting from the hip and having a good chat with a talented individual who just happens to be really cool at the same time. I’ve had conversations with university professors in the past, and they were never as fun as this conversation with Lisa.

Lisa Solomon is an artist based on Oakland, CA who specializes in a reinterpretation of craft as an art form. Much of her work is an experiment in blurring the lines between the two concentrations, and in doing so, she starts new conversations about what is art, what is craft, and what happens when the two meet.

“I’m interested in the line between art and craft, because I think the line is sorta silly.”

She’s also a glutton for punishment, which is evident when you look at some of her installation pieces, like the 1,000 Doilies. Talk about dedication to an idea. I admire you, Lisa, for being more stalwart than I could ever imagine myself.

Special Note: There are both technical and organic interruptions in this episode, but we let it roll, because let’s allow a little more chaos into our lives to remind us that we’re human.

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