Here at Fresh Rag HQ, I get multiple emails a week from people asking to be part of the site, either as a blog post, or featured on the podcast. It’s a good problem to have because I get to discover new people on a regular basis. A majority of the requests are not a good fit for the show, and it happens so often, I get a little jaded with the requests. However, every once in awhile, a golden nugget lands in my lap, and I can’t help but take advantage of the opportunity, and that is how Quyen Dinh came to be on the show today.

Quyen is an artist and illustrator based in Orange County, California, just a few miles away from me, and she’s tapped into a gold mine with her current work. Her pension for traditional style tattooing has her crafting some truly interesting work that is a mix of that traditional style combined with various pop culture references. It’s a unique idea that has taken off for her to the tune of 10,000+ sales on Etsy in 2 years. I’m glad she decided to come on the show now because if I had discovered her in a year from now, she may be too busy to deal with me.

So, welcome Quyen to the show and pay attention as she lends some awesome insight about how to capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves.

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