One of the biggest questions I get from people is in regards to moving more of their product into wholesale. In complete honesty, I have limited experience with wholesale, but I do have plenty of friends with expansive knowledge on the subject. One of those friends is Adam Luedicke of The Poster List.

When I first met Adam, he already had a thriving business, working at various art and craft festivals across California. He sold his pop culture posters and cards by the hundreds. He also was moving into t-shirts, and it was with those shirts that he really grew his business. Someone advised him that if he wanted to grow his business, he needed to take it to the next level by attending industry trade shows to get his products into the hands of resellers instead of working to sell single products to one customer at a time.

That was several years ago, and now wholesale makes up the bulk of The Poster List business. I brought Adam on to talk about his experience, and share both the good and bad aspects of growing a business as a small creative business owner. It’s been awesome watching his success from the sidelines, and I’m sure you will enjoy this chat with Adam.

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