If you’re an artist, designer, crafter or other independent, creative entrepreneur looking to build your business and make more sales, you’ve come to the right place.

I spend an inordinate amount of time scouring the internet for new content to share with all my creative entrepreneur friends. At some point, I realized that people were coming to me, exclusively, for that information. And other people were coming to share links with me.

I’m no genius, but I know a good thing when it hits me in the face. So began the next generation of Fresh Rag, and I am making it my business to bring you cool links to news, stories, videos, and other content that helps you do your work.

The purpose of the newsletter

  • To help you keep abreast of important industry news.
  • To give you a leg up on the competition when possible.
  • To entertain and educate, making life a bit more fun and interesting

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Who am I?

My name is Dave Conrey and I am an artist and author nearly two decades of design and marketing experience. When not working on art and writing projects, I spend my time hanging out with my son, as a WAHD.

Other key factors about me:

  • I love to write, can be quite verbose at times
  • Pride myself on being able to write almost exactly as I speak
  • I have been known to drop the occasional F-Bomb for emphasis
  • You may get offended. I will not apologize.
  • I want every artist and artisan in the world to become famous
  • My life’s goal is to foster a creative revolution
  • My second life’s goal is to eradicate the starving artist mindset
  • I still suffer from that mindset now and again

Also, and most importantly, I’m very good at sharing. Hell, I’m an over-sharer, really, but this benefits the folks that I feature in a big way. I love putting the work of good artists in the hands of people just itching to buy from them. I have always been a great facilitator, intermediary if you will, and I dig it when I know I’ve brought people successfully together for whatever reason. Hopefully I can do that for you.