You may not have heard of, but I promise, you will want to take a look, because they are doing things with artists and makers that should have been done a long time ago, when Etsy began to lose their way in the handmade world.

Erica, inspired by a need to help a family member make a name for themselves, and give them a way to sell quality, handmade goods to a local clientele.

Riegelman believes that if we can get back to a point where American buyers buy from American sellers, it could inspire a true creative revolution. Aftcra is not trying to become the next Etsy, but fill the hole left behind by the juggernaut marketplace. They way they make that happen is by getting more sellers like you involved.

Listen in as I grill her on all the nuanced aspects of what it takes to sell successfully on the platform, and how to incorporate this platform into your program.

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