In today’s From the Vault, I go back more than a year to a chat I had with my friend Berni Xiong. This was one of the first chats I had that made me realize that the show was more about the conversation than about tackling some tactical aspects to help us do our work. Yeah, those are good things too, but sometimes there’s gold to be found when it’s just two people talking about the lives we lead, and who better to do that with than Berni.

Berni and I have still not met in person, but I assume that won’t last forever. We’re kindred spirits in our own way, and I consider her one of my really good friends, for which there are a small handful. This chat goes beyond our budding friendship, but digs deep into the trials and tribulations we both deal with in our businesses, our lives, and the purposes we serve to make this world a better place.

I hope you enjoy this replay, because it was by far one of my most favorite conversations I’ve had on this show. And a big, huge thanks to Berni for always being a friend and inspiration.

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